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A Blind Peer Review International Quarterly Journal


Vol 1 No.1, Oct-Dec, 2015
# Editor’s Note Page # Read
1 Analysis of the impact of 2008 financial crisis on Economics, political and health systems and societies of Advanced Countries - Dr. Abdul Ghafoor Awan 1-16 PDF
2 Comparison of GTM and Direct Method of teaching English at Elementary level in Pakistan - Allah Nawaz 17-30 PDF
3 Problems of small Entrepreneurial firms operating in Pakistan - Adeba Farah 31-40 PDF
4 The effect of change management on the performance of a business organization: A case study of banking sector in Pakistan - Fizza Saleem Qureshi 41-56 PDF
5 Impact of Agriculture productivity on economic growth: A case study of Pakistan - Ateeqa Aslam 56-71 PDF
6 Punjab Education Foundation's Role in Enhancing Literacy Rate: A Case Study of Multan District-Pakistan - Akmal Paper 72-90 PDF
Vol 2 No.1, Oct-Mar, 2016

Vol 2 No.1, Jan-Mar,2016
1 3G Technology Use in Pakistan and its impact on Acceptance Behaviour - Mariam Zahra 1-12 PDF
2 Impact of Rural Women Education On Household Welfare - Ayesha Munir 13-23 PDF
3 Teaching English as a secondary language in Pakistan at secondary level - Abdul Aziz Hiraj 24-37 PDF
4 Islamic banking scenario in Pakistan - Shabana Sheikh 38-57 PDF
5 Analysis Of Customers Preferences Regarding Brandswitching in Cellular sector of Pakistan - Hafiz Adnan 58-88 PDF
6 Need to Design an ESP course For Medical Representatives in Pakistan - Agha Masood Ahmed Khan 89-108 PDF
7 Author’s Guideline # PDF
Vol 2 No.1, Jan-Mar,2016

Vol 2 No.2, Apr-Jun,2016
1 Financial performance of Islamic and Conventional Banks in Pakistan. Maria Hanif 1-28 PDF
2 Analysis of teaching methods of English Language at Government Secondary School level in D.G.Khan City Pakistan. Mehvish Shafi 29-46 PDF
3 Impact of Empowerment, and self-esteemed on employees’ creativity. Ahmad Zamir 47-58 PDF
4 Comparison of socio-economic characteristics of farming families in central and southern regions of Punjab Province of Pakistan. Dr. Nasir Nadeem 59-70 PDF
5 Fashion conscious behavior of working and non-working women in Pakistan-An empirical analysis. Shaiygon Madni 71-85 PDF
6 An evaluation of the causes of low achievement in English at Elementary level in District Vehari. Ayesha Khaliq 86-96 PDF
7 Author’s Guideline 97 PDF
Vol 2 No.2, Apr-Jun,2016

Vol 2 No.3, Jul-Sept,2016
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1 Analysis of the impact of Cellphone Usage on Pakistan’s Culture. Syed Farhan Gilani 1-31 PDF
2 Impact of structural changes on employees’ turnover intentions: A case study of Multan Electric Power Company-Pakistan. Rao Imran Ali. 32-53 PDF
3 Impact of Introversion/Extroversion personality types in ESL proficiency in writing skill at Master level. Muhammad Tariq Ayub 54-71 PDF
4 Customer Preferences in selection of Islamic and Conventional Banking in Pakistan. Muhammad Zeeshan 72-101 PDF
5 The impact of intra-group conflict on the performance of banks’ employees: A case study of twin cities of Pakistan. Muhammad Ismail. 102-112 PDF
6 Author’s Guidelines 113 PDF
Vol 2 No.3, Jul-Sept,2016

Vol 2 No.4, Oct-Dec,2016
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1 Waves of anti-globalization and capitalism and its impact on world economy - Prof. Dr. Abdul Ghafoor Awan 1-21 PDF
2 The effects of totalitarianism and marxism towards dystopian society in george orwell's selected fictions - Syed Ahmed Raza 21-37 PDF
3 Effects of Technical Innovation on Rural Employment in Agriculture sector in district Vehari-Pakistan - Dilshad Hussain 38-56 PDF
4 Analysis of code mixing in pakistani english - Sobia Suleman 57-76 PDF
5 Analysis of the capital structure of selected listed pakistani textile firms - Shumaila Basheer 77-92 PDF
6 Author’s Guidelines # PDF
Vol 2 No.4, Jul-Sept,2016

Vol 3 No.1, Jan-March,2017
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1 Exchange Rate Volatility and its Impact on Pakistan's International Trade - Aasia Gul 1-18 PDF
2 Notions of Hybrid Identities: A Postcolonial Insight into Diasporic Features in "Brick Lane" and an "An American Brat" - Tehniyat Rehman 19-39 PDF
3 Analysis of Women Discrimination: Evidence from Pakistan's informal Sector - Quratulain 40-56 PDF
4 Investigating an effective Collaborative Teaching Writing Approach in Non-Elite English Medium School in Southern Punjab - Qamar Sabira 57-80 PDF
5 Impact of Human Capital formation on Pakistan's Economic Growth - Ali Saeed 81-102 PDF
6 ESP needs Analysis of UnderGraduate Engineering Students: A Case Study of Multan - Jazib Saleem Khan 103-119 PDF
Vol 3 No.1, Jan-March,2017